While it is a good idea for visitors to any review site to approach each product recommendation with a degree of skepticism, it would be a mistake to believe that every review is invalid simply because the reviewer may be paid a commission. Here are some of the reader safeguards we try to incorporate into our reviews:

1. A lot of the evaluations offer a lot of easily verifiable factual information. We make every effort to deliver an accurate and honest assessment.

2. There is a subjective summary part in the review. This is based on the reviewer’s personal experience.

3. We try to convey the overall perspective of specific products by reading reviews of such products on other sites, as well as customer testimonials, and we try to portray this overall perception in our reviews.

4. We always include a link to the manufacturer’s website in our reviews to provide additional information not included in our reviews. Customer testimonials, more particular product specifics, sales information, free newsletters, and even samples are all examples of this information.

These are helpful guidelines to follow. It’s critical for you to understand the relationship between a product reviewer and the manufacturer as a consumer of the reviews.

If a review site does not have a disclosure policy, the reviewer may be breaking the law.

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